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I am a visual artist who makes wearable pieces in my book arts and performance. With this Ch’An Designs new line launched 2020, unique wearable pieces are made from new and vintage materials such as: metals, gemstones, leather, textiles, handmade paper, and book arts. I have a respect for history of material and its culture. I like geometry, shapes and forms that complement the body and move with the body well.

When I make jewelry, my hands work with materials in a fundamental and rooted fashion. There is a continual conversation between material and cultural history. Different shapes accentuate and adorn the body in infinite, surprising, and different ways. When I make something, it is also a wearable piece that can connect to others and our environment. In my descriptions of each piece, I often will include an interesting fact about the material and/or historical and cultural information about the represented forms.

All my work is handmade by me in U.S.A. and most items are ready to ship. Thank you for supporting a woman POC small business.

Please contact me if you have any questions.

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